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Antonio’s passion for goldsmith art was born since young age.

During 70’s he grew in the environment of Milan craftmen in the goldmisth labs.

One of the most relevant experiences was in the prestigious

jewellery store Faraone in the city center.

The studies and research for a unique and independent path

bring him to open an own lab in 1982.

Two years later he will open the brand Pilgiò.

His creative abilities, manual talent and the ongoing studies on

metals will bring the creation of a new unique and identifiable language.

His artwork, similar to jewelery and scultures embody all the power of

the materia, that becomes the protagonist, changing in time and

releasing energy.

Image by Justus Menke

Our jewels are made thanks to an original process called Silent Gold which makes the surface rough and spongy.

Through chemical and galvanic treatments the surface of the creations is made similar in appearance to lava rock, concrete, clay, wood or sand.

It is life that reveals itself in matter and that the use of jewelery helps to nurture.

Through the chemical reaction between the metal and the skin, the surface of the object is transformed , changing its colors over time according to the pH, recounting the mood of the wearer.

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La nostra produzione strettamente artigianale ha una forte impronta su ogni singola creazione e

due anelli per quanto simili non saranno mai identici.

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