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The creation of titanium jewelry is one of the latest achievements of Antonio Piluso, founder of the Pilgiò brand, in business since 1984.

Since then, Antonio's constantly evolving path has always offered new realities, experiments, solutions and unprecedented forms born from the need to play with matter, which in Pilgiò's language is life.

The techniques and knowledge acquired lead to new challenges, here is the processing of titanium, one of the most extraordinary elements existing in nature for its chemical and physical characteristics, ultra-resistant and super light, melts at extreme temperatures that reach 1700 ° C.

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From the Bronze Age to the Titanium Age

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Cutting-edge metal, it requires the perfect fusion of latest generation tools and machinery and all the mastery of technical knowledge deriving both from a millenary goldsmith tradition and from individual artistic research.


The creation of titanium jewels is done by hand, we play with the shapes, we shape and shape its profiles, we shape the material to our liking.


The peculiarity of titanium jewels is that each one has its own color which is unique and which will have an evolution over time, with the possibility of restoring it to the original color or changing it in other shades.

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The metal is deformed, bent, beaten, wrapped, transfigured, embellished with diamonds and points of light, the bright colors ranging from blue to violet, green, gray, earth and rust.  

Stainless and not attackable by acids, biocompatible and hypoallergenic, delicate in contact with the skin, does not require linings, it is used as a single metal and protagonist for its expressive force that captures the scene, elegant, refined, fresh and bright.

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The classic collection of titanium jewels, whether it be rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets or necklaces, is inspired by the classic Oro-Muto collection, the 18kt gold models are in fact revisited in titanium, lightened and improved in portability.

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